11 X 11 Matrix

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This tool organizes metrics for the relative development of each Sphere of Influence over time.

# This example is for the building industry--an industry capability model assessing building life cycle management capability. A different matrix would need to be developed for neighborhoods.

The Sofi Metrics Palette is an 11X11 matrix of the **measures** related to each of the eleven Primary Spheres of Enterprise Activity.

Each Sphere influences 10 others. The resulting 11X11 matrix defines a set of Data Objects and actions that measure the quantities and cost associated with any Enterprise Activity over time.

This matrix relates primary sphere of origin with each possible destination. 11X11=121 minus self referential pairs 121-11=110.

Temporal sequence/maturity flows left to right over time.

# Essentially this represents the Sofi model applied to each component of the Sofi model in a developmental sequence starting with customer and ending with culture.

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# Capabilities by Sphere in developmental sequence are:

0 / 1 Customer / Spatial Capability / I > -Information from the BIM (???) is fully recognized by the GIS environment including full metadata integration

1 / 2 Staffing / Roles or Disciplines / C > -All facility related jobs both internal and external to the organization rely solely on the FIM to accomplish their jobs.

2 / 3 Structure / Data Richness / A > -Full Knowledge Management implies a robust data rich environment with virtually all authoritative information is loaded and linked together

3 / 4 Sales / Delivery Method / E > -The BIM is in a net centric web environment and is served up as a service in a service oriented architecture with role based CAC (???)

4 / 5 Development / Change Management / G > -A mature and fully operational change management process is in place and process changes are implemented within ...(???)

5 / 6 Operations / Business Process / D > -All business processes are designed to collect and maintain data in real time.

6 / 7 Finance / Information Accuracy / J > -All spaces are calculated automatically and metrics are used to ensure informations is available and accurate.

7 / 8 Strategy / Life-cycle Views / B > -External information is linked into the model and analysis can be performed on the entire ecosysem of the facility.

8 / 9 Marketing / Graphical Information / H > -The drawings stored in the BIM are intelligent and object-based and include time and cost information.

9 / 10 Leadership / Timeliness/Response / F > -Information is continually updated and available from live feeds to sensors. Responses to ... (???)

10 / 11 Culture / Interoperability/IFC Support / K > -At this level of maturint the IFC's (Industry Foundation Classes) are fully implemented and used for interoperability.

For Discussion

Ask Phillip and Diane if they have a 11X11 matrix for Miami Beach.