Before you Start

This will take significant time. It can be very interesting or it can be take as an unwanted task assigned to you.

Please take your time. Be kind to yourself. Pace yourself. Commit to enjoying this. Do whatever is needed so that this exploration is enjoyable for you. If you are creating a new enterprise from scratch, these questions will take a lot of time--and have a big payoff. If you are a member of an existing enterprise this may take you 1-2 hours to complete.

Make **notes on how you will keep this enjoyable:** > TEXT

# Then:

Appreciate your context. Context matters if you are to achieve what you desire. Reflect on and record a few notes on this page about:

**Time:** This time in your life time in the anthropocene. > TEXT

**Place:** Where you are standing on/in/of planet Earth. > TEXT

**Paradigm:** Your beliefs embedded in/of your culture, language, symbols, stories, and experiences. > TEXT

**Social system:** Your personal influence and the influence of your associates within local or the global political system. > TEXT

**Situation:** Your problem or possibility that you are facing, enmeshed in other less obvious situations. > TEXT

**Ongoingness:** The systems and ongoing processes that you and your associates count on. > TEXT

Reflect again and again on the sufficiency and coherence of your goals and actions when considered within the context you have sketched out. Will they have the effect you desire? > TEXT


*Please give me (Marc Pierson) as much feedback as you can on any aspect of this undertaking. Your feedback is my only hope. Copy pages to your FedWiki sites and I can track the changes you make. Put comments here: Send email to I thank you for your help.*