Compass of Time

Elliott Jaques has a lot to say about organizational time: "time span of discretion", the complexity and the duration of projects that particular people can bring to successful conclusion.

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Five Levels of Work with their time span of discretion: Customer Sphere = 1 day - 1 month Staffing Sphere = 1 - 3 month Development = 1 Q - 1 yr Culture = 1 - 2 yrs Leadership = 5+ yrs The entire enterprise, including all five levels is the sixth level = 10+ yrs

these six arcs coordinate the timing of requests, approvals, reporting, and handoffs between groups. The process begins all over again at the industry level. The hierarchy from the individual Enterprise to the global Work Theatre replicates the structure at the societal level.

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JMP-I would like to determine the best fit for VSM functions (and links) to Sofi. It seems pretty clear to me where Sys 5 and Sys 4 belong. The distinctions between Sys 3, 3*, 2, and 1 are less clear. I had thought that System 1 includes all customers of the primary products and services of the enterprise and all the producers and sales people and all the tools and methods used directly in production and service delivery and sales. System 2 is "coordination". System 3* is Auditing. System 3 is "cooperation" and allocating enterprise resources. What is unclear to me is Development and Culture.

The best fit may be Sofi 1, 2, 3, 4 as System 1. Sofi 5, System 3. Sofi 6 as System 2. Sofi 7 as System 3* and the resource bargain. Sofi 8 & 9 as System 4. Sofi 10 & 11 as System 5. Next we need to map all of the 12ish VSM Homeostats to a subset of Sofi's 66 links.