FedWiki Introduction

This site is created and displayed using Federated Wiki software platform developed by Ward Cunningham and his friends.

# READING: I think of the FedWiki as a new kind of social media platform. Reading is a FedWiki site is simpler than creating content. Even reading has some new features which are surprising and take some learning on your part. For example: * The pages open in a panel, like a newspaper. * Each new page opens to the right of the last page. This allows you to keep the context of the prior page while exploring the next page. * You are encouraged to move the panels around--reorder them to your liking. > Just move your mouse - cursor to the white space above the title of a pane. A little hand appears. Click, hold, and move the pane right or left. Release and it stays where you put it. If, while holding the hand on the top of the pane, you "flick" the pane upward it removes it from the line up (but not from the site, so don't worry.)

* By double clicking on the colored square just to the left of any panel's title you can close all the intervening pages, leaving only two panes--this pane and the Welcome Visitor pane.

* We use a lot of diagrams (graphs) to make sense of relationships. A happy surprise--when you click on a node or on a line's label in these graph-diagrams it will open a page about that node or link, just to the right.

* It allows you to share any particular line-up or arrangement of panels with anyone else simply by copying the URL (the web address in your web browser) and sharing it by email or text, etc.

* Oh, if things do not work the way they are supposed to, it is a good idea to simply refresh the page by clicking on the recursive arrow on your web browser.

> A fed wiki is talking to a lot of sites and software in the "federation" and sometimes needs a nudge to try again.

# WRITING: This gets more complicated and interesting. First, you have to have your very own FedWiki site--where only you can create, add, edit, and delete content. > To get your own FedWiki site talk with someone who already one. It is a community. My e-mail is marpie1@comcast.net, put in the subject line "Need FedWiki Site".)

Federated Wiki sites have many useful tools that writers can use. Each of these tools is a small program that helps you create content such as: * paragraphs * lists * forms * maps * photographs * videos * graphs * tables * views of web pages * on and on

I suggest that you start with creating new pages and writing paragraphs.