Influence Profile

"The Influence Profile provides a rich level of detail for making team assignments while guiding individuals to greater success at work. It shows individual and team capabilities across all 11 Spheres of Influence."

"Here is how it works. For each of the 11 Spheres of Influence, rate yourself on three dimensions. Think about each Sphere on its own. You may give many Spheres the same rating> 1 Rate your level of Familiarity 0-99%. 2 Set the Enterprise Priority for each activity from 0-9. Zero priority is low and 9 is high. 3 Rate Your level of Interest 0-99%."

"Using graph paper, write the 11 Spheres across the bottom of the page. Mark the rating from bottom to top on a scale of 0% to 99%. Multiply the Priority ratings be 11 and plot them as percentages."

"You can use the Sofi Influence Index Instrument below to gather data for the people on your team. The combined Index results for the team members creates their Influence Profile."