Leadership Sphere Questions

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Leadership Sphere?**

S10 Q1 Management pays sufficient attention to day to day operational status. (10->6)

>*--(6->10) S6 Q6 Day to day operations provide adequate support for decision making.*

S10 Q2 Management is adequately monitoring financial performance. (10->7)

>*--(7->10) S7 Q6 We are investing adequate resources to support our management.*

S10 Q3 Management is providing clear strategic direction. (10->8)

>*--(8->10) S8 Q4 Our strategy fosters effective decision-making.*

S10 Q4 Management regularly communicates with the rest of the organization. (10->9)

>*--(9->10) S9 Q4 We communicate openly with high-level stakeholders.*

S10 Q5 Management acts as positive role models for the organization's values. (10->11)

>*--(11->10) S11 Q8 Our culture actively supports our leaders.*