Marketing Sphere Questions

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Marketing Sphere?**

S9 Q1 We regularly connect new information to foster innovation and development. (9->5)

>*--(5->9) S5 Q7 We have developed effective marketing and communication processes.*

S9 Q2 We clearly communicate performance criteria to the relevant parties. (9->7)

>*--(7->9) S7 Q5 We are investing adequate resources in our communication efforts.*

S9 Q3 We have an effective marketing strategy. (9->8)

>*--(8->9) S8 Q3 We are communicating the strategy clearly.*

S9 Q4 We communicate openly with high-level stakeholders. (9->10)

>*--(10->9) S10 Q4 Management regularly communicates with the rest of the organization.*

S9 Q5 We actively convey a positive identity in our community. (9->11)

>*--(11->9) S11 Q7 The Organization presents a clear message about what it stands for.*