Each and every one of these methods and tools must be adapted, even transformed, so they understandable and handy for the prospective inhabitants. This translation and all it implies is the work I see in front of us. This can only be done in partnership with neighbors in neighborhoods.

digraph { layout=dot rankdir=LR overlap=false concentrate=true bgcolor=lightblue node [style=filled shape=box color=blue4 fontcolor=white] subgraph cluster_3 {FedWiki -> { Narrative Maps "Graphs\n(Neo4j)" Surveys Calculation "Shared\nDocuments" Patterns "Pattern\nLanguages" } } "Pattern\nLanguages" [color=blue4 fontcolor=white] Methods -> { "Resilience\nAssessment\n(VSM)" "Sensitivity\nModeling" AIC "Idealized\nDesign" "Graphs\n(Neo4j)" FedWiki "Wiki (TheBrain)" Cynefin "Nested\nQuestions" Patterns "Pattern\nLanguages" "Causal\nAnalysis with\nInterrelationship\nDiagraphs &\nBayesian Belief Networks"} //Patterns [color=white fontcolor=black] Cynefin "Graphs\n(Neo4j)" FedWiki "Causal\nAnalysis with\nInterrelationship\nDiagraphs &\nBayesian Belief Networks" "Sensitivity\nModeling" "Nested\nQuestions" subgraph cluster_2 {"Resilience\nAssessment\n(VSM)" -> "Linkage\nMapping" -> "Scrum/\nAgile" -> Lean -> "Value\nStream\nMapping" -> "A3 Problem\nSolving"} subgraph cluster_1 {"Sensitivity\nModeling" -> "System\nDescription" -> "Set of\nActuating\nVariables" -> "Criteria\nMatrix" -> "Influence\nMatrix" -> "Systemic\nRoles" -> "Effect\nSystem" -> "Partial\nScenerios" -> Simulation -> "System\nEvaluation"} } } }

We must do this work as builders only. Not as facilitators or active agents in communities--because I do not see how a model dependent upon outsiders or experts can scale and spread in time.

It is important to understand that these methods and tools are held in abeyance or readiness until needed. Like a plumber who only brings the needed tools into the house from his truck. Over time the Control Room and its users will embed, master and adapt these tools to their needs.

This set of methods and tools is not a mere listing. It is a system, or more aptly a pattern language.

DSRP, Distinction, System, Relationships, Perspectives.

Interaction of Enthusiasms of youth, working people, elders.

AIC (Appreciation Influence Control)

Wiki (The Brain)