Operations Sphere Questions

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Operations Sphere?**

S6 Q1 Day to day work processes have sufficient staff. (6->2) This seems like it is in the wrong direction.

>*--(2->6) S2 Q5 Staff have the right combination of skills and qualities to get the job done.*

S6 Q2 Day to day operations comply with organizational policies and procedure. (6->3)

>*--(3->6) S3 Q5 Our procedures and structure create an efficient day to day system.*

S6 Q3 Day to day operations support new development initiatives. (6->5)

>*--(5->6) S5 Q4 We have developed efficient day to day operation. (5->6)*

S6 Q4 Day to day operations use adequate measures and controls. (6->7)

>*--(7->6) S7 Q4 We are investing enough resources in day-to-day operations.*

S6 Q5 Our day to day operations enable key milestones to be met. (6->8)

>*--(8->6) S8 Q2 We set achievable milestones.*

S6 Q6 Day to day operations provide adequate support for decision making. (6->10)

>*--(10->6) S10 Q1 Management pays sufficient attention to day to day operational status.*

S6 Q7 Day to day operations include activities to improve the quality. (6->11) I am surprised that Qulture is equated with quality.

>*--(11->6) S11 Q4 Supplier arrangements work well on a day-to-day basis.*