Sales Sphere Questions

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Sales Sphere?**

S4 Q1 We're selling our products and services to the right customers. (4->1)

>*--(1->4) S1 Q3 Customers actively seek to use our products.*

S4 Q2 Our sales activities are adequately staffed. (4->2) Seems to be in the wrong direction of causality?

>*--(2->4) S2 Q3 Staff actions encourage people to use our products / services.*

S4 Q3 Our sales activities work well with our systems, procedures and structure. (4->3)

>*--(3->4) S3 Q3 Our structure makes it easy for people to access what we offer.*

S4 Q4 Our sales activities contribute to relevant new products and services. (4->5)

>*--(5->4) S5 Q3 We have developed effective ways to offer new products and services.*

S4 Q5 We are achieving our sales goals. (4->7)

>*--(7-4) S7 Q2 We are providing adequate resources for effective customer contact.*

S4 Q6 Our sales activities reflect positively on our organization's Culture. (4->11)

>*--(11->4) S11 Q2 Our culture fosters a high quality customer contact process.*