Sofi & See the Systems

# Sofi - Spheres of Influence Sofi is an enterprise modeling platform for seeing the system from the perspectives of all stakeholders.

Sofi collects strategic, operational, and tactical information on eleven Spheres of Influence from many points of view. (See Worlds).


28 Links with Environment

Sofi visualizes the interrelationships between the enterprise and it’s environment.


Eleven Spheres cover Strategy, Operations, and Tactics. Long, mid, short term.

Sofi supports informed strategic, operational and tactical decision making, action and monitoring.


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There are 66 links among the 11 spheres of influence. (See Links and Interactive Sofi SVG)

This may look more complicated that you expect--but it works. (The Good Regulator Theorem states that a model must be at least as complex as the situation it is a model of, or it will fail.)


Over the course of seven years I used Sofi in a 250 bed hospital and medical center, for a large regional medical diagnostic laboratory, and with a multi state primary care association.

Here is a quick look at the visualization screen.

Patient Care Directors

Patient Care Managers

These two models are of the same hospital from two perspectives at the same moment in time. Sofi is also capable of monitoring the condition of any enterprise across time.


The information that populates the model is collected by an online questionnaire that collects anonymous opinion, evidence, and suggestions from stakeholders--identified by worlds with at least three individuals.


Kerry and I are in the early stage use with an unincorporated community of five thousand people in NW Washington State. Modeling a community of 5000 where there is little structure--a network structure not a command and control structure. We will keep you posted on this work.

Kerry is using Sofi to design an organization capable of delivering See the Systems. See Kerry's Sofi Site .


For more information see Sofi Explained.