Spheres of Interest

"On seperate Influence Maps, have each member of your Team write their name in three Spheres of personal interest. As people to think of the Spheres where they feel drawn by curiosity. These are Spheres where people may want to get involved even though the activity is brand new or beyond their present job description. It does not matter whether they have knowledge or experience in that area. The idea is simply to find out who is interested in what activities."

"Gather the names of all the team members by Sphere of Interest into a master Map. And have everyone take a look at the results. 1 Are all 11 Spheres covered? Is there at least one person with an interest in each of the Spheres? 2 Are there any Spheres with a lot of people showing interest? 3 Does the combination of interests include Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Spheres? 4 Are there any Spheres showing little interest, where people may want to adjust their choice? Talk it over with your team. 5 To what extent do any Spheres of activity with a large or small number if interested people represent blind spots? 6 How do the Spheres of Interest relate to the issues of challenges for the business? 7 Look at the spheres with many people an those with only a few. How can assignments engage interested talent across different Spheres to strengthen the live of the company? 8 Do you need to bring in people on other teams to get a more balanced perspective? 9 Are there any surprises? Surprises are where there is stored up energy. Tapping into the energy of surprise brings fresh creativity into the company. 10 Are there places where there is only on person interested in an activity? Can they take the lead? 11 Are people surprised to find out that there are others who share their interests?"

"The effect of mapping Spheres of Interest is far reaching. Keep the Spheres of Interest Map handy for your ongoing use. It becomes a Map for guiding assignments. It helps determine who could work on Spheres that need attention. It is a guide for establishing project teams where you are building up your system capabilities among sets of three Spheres together. The Map of Interests shows all the members on the team standing together on equal footing,in relationship to one another."