Strategy Sphere Questions

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Strategy Sphere?**

S8 Q1 We have a clear strategy for innovation and development. (8->5)

>*--(5->8) S5 Q6 We have developed a sound strategy.*

S8 Q2 We set achievable milestones. (8->6)

>*--(6->8) S6 Q5 Our day to day operations enable key milestones to be met.*

S8 Q3 We are communicating the strategy clearly. (8->9)

>*--(9->8) S9 Q3 We have an effective marketing strategy.*

S8 Q4 Our strategy fosters effective decision-making. (8->10)

>*--(10->8) S10 Q3 Management is providing clear strategic direction.*

S8 Q5 The strategy reinforces positive organizational values. (8->11)

>*--(11->8) S11 Q6 Our culture actively supports the organization's strategy.*