Structure Sphere Questions

**What Traffic Signal color indicates the overall state of activities in the Structure Sphere?**

S3 Q1 We actively gather feedback from our customers to improve our services. (3->1)

>*--(1->3) S1 Q2 Customers give us their feedback and suggestions.*

S3 Q2 Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. (3->2)

>*(2->3) S2 Q2 Staff roles and responsibilities are well understood.*

S3 Q3 Our structure makes it easy for people to access what we offer. (3->4)

>*--(4->3) S4 Q3 Our sales activities work well with our systems, procedures and structure.*

S3 Q4 We are well structured to support innovation and development. (3->5)

>*--(5->3) S5 Q2 We have developed procedures and systems that add value.*

S3 Q5 Our procedures and structure create an efficient day to day system. (3->6)

>*--(6->3) S6 Q2 Day to day operations comply with organizational policies and procedure.*