What is Sofi

Sofi makes it possible for you to SEE the condition of your whole organization on a single page.

"Once your know how to use Sofi you will be able to see what's going on in your living organization and know what to do about it." This is a bold statement but a true statement.

It accomplishes this magic by painting vivid pictures of the variations in understanding among a group and between groups.

Beyond this visual image of your organization, Sofi is an integrated set of tools and associated methods that help people who are working together **find missing conversations**.

Whenever Sofi's visual displays are used to facilitate shared understanding, groups learn quickly and can make both long term and short term decisions that have near universal support.

When things are not going as they should in a group it is often because there are unrecognized misunderstandings, even among close associates.

Sofi collects explanations (evidence) and suggestions from each person.

Whenever shared understanding and coordinated action is important, Sofi can be a big help.

I have never seen it fail and I have never seen anything like it. No evolving enterprise should be without it.

Sofi graphic before the conversations.

# Here is what a group's Sofi display looks like. This captures the understandings of three senior leaders of a sizable community medical laboratory.

With zero orientation to the graphic display, one surmises that there are serious issues and serious misunderstand-ings among these three leaders.


Sofi graphic after conversations.

With a consensus map like this it is easy to steer a course together.

This is the same three person leadership team after extensive conversations. There is serious disagreement in only one sphere--the customer sphere.