Guided Discovery

A process for decision making in an era of rapid change. We ascend and descend a "staircase" of ideas to guide you in building a model of your enterprise. You move up the staircase to build your model of the organization and to prove to yourself that all the parts are there (necessary and sufficient). You descend the staircase to engage the people in your organization. They discover for themselves how to improve their organization. They interpret and apply their model and it's information they have created about the organization.

1 Introduce Information: Top six revolutionizing ideas.

2 Explain Assumptions: ??? About the effective use of words, numbers, images, logic, assets, and time.

3 Demonstrate Complexity: ???

4 Experiment with Ideas: See Glossary of Soif Key Concepts.

5 Practice Triangulation: Use the model with your own work in it.

6 Use Knowledge: Use the Guided Discovery Process

1 Identify Opportunity for action -Describe Actions on Action Plan Report -Recruit implementation team


2 Study the Data -Meet as a Group -Implement Plan

3 Talk with other groups -Confirm Objectives and Results match Actions -Report progress regularly

4 Align Objectives with Results -Update Actions, Objectives, Results -Map, Measure and Model change

5 Pick a link to focus on -Check timing. Recognize other processes between spheres -Continue until priority list is cleared

6 Plan Action for that link -Communicate with impacted process owners -Celebrate success