Action Plan

Action plans refer to individual links.

The Actions to connect three Spheres combine into an Action Triad. The combination of Actions creates an Action Plan, which the group calls an "Improvement Charter." The combined Action Plan elements are shown in the next two diagrams.

The Action Plan includes: 1 Triads of Spheres: 2 Traffic Signal colors for the state of each Sphere; 3 The state of links connecting the Triad - showing the strength of Knowledge Assets; 4 Write-in evidence and suggestions related to the actions between Spheres; 5 Cross-references to work that is already underway in the organization; 6 Worlds of work that need to be involved in implementing the Action Plan.

There are other Sofi tools that augment the Action Plan.

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An Action Plan Map shows the selected linkages for improvement. The route to improving the performance of a Sphere of Influence is to improve the quality of the links that directly influence it.

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