Action Triad

The Actions to connect three Spheres combine into an Action Triad. The combination of Actions creates an Action Plan, which the group calls an "Improvement Charter." The combined Action Plan elements are shown in the next two diagrams.

Actions to connect three Spheres form an Action Triad. This represents one or more of the Opportunities for action that you have decided to pursue. Each Triad is a three-part instruction set... Actions follow the path of least resistance revealed by the Traffic Signal colors. Random growth happens when action takes place in a linear fashion, only connecting Sphere A to Sphere X. It distributes energy with random outcomes and reproduces error over 70% of the time. Intentional growth, connecting three Spheres together, builds mini-systems of coordinated action. Coordinating activity across Spheres strengthens vitality and multiplies energy. The energy (or error) multiplies because one Action Step influences many Spheres and many Worlds of Work. The resonant effects of positive energy create new benefits: (1) effective collaboration among people; (2) efficient coordination of resources; and, (3) synergistic cooperation in the creative use of information and technology know how. Sofi uses these three guidelines to generate the Top Six Action Triads that strengthen Enterprise vitality. (1) Every Triad connects three Spheres and identifies the people interested and motivated to do the work. (2) Each team has their own Action Plan adapted to the state of Enterprise capabilities for their function and location. (3) The timing of handoffs and reports across teams according to the time horizon for the work, on one action at a time, leads to success. You add a new action to the model once the previous one gets completed. Define the next Action Triad after you update the Enterprise model to see the impacts of the previous activity. p.300.


There are 39 riads on the Influence map. Each Triad connects three Spheres of activity. When you undertake each action across 39 triads, in tow directions in isolation your get 234 separate actions. The Influence Map coordinates activity across the 11 Spheres in only 66 actions! Using the Map saves 70% of the effort.

To produce the increase in power of organizational intelligence, Sofi actions follow three guidelines: Collaboration; Coordination: Cooperation.

Thinking in Triads produces a way for members of the group to define successful team actions. 1 Collaboration. Triads focus collaboration. Create Triads among closer Spheres first. Actions to connect closer Spheres ted to make them more effective with less time and effort. 2 Coordination. Look at maps across Worlds. See how strengths in one group complement the challenges in other groups. Recognizing the complementary impacts actions have on one another, teams self-correct toward more efficient coordination and allocation of resources. 3 Cooperation. Write down the action plan as a single phrase connecting three spheres. You can use the Opportunity for Action instrument. The finer the tuning of team cooperation across the three action steps connecting three Spheres, the greater the creative multiplier of their economic impact.


Diagram below came from an initial conversation with Philip, to be continued. JMP--Is this related to Jane Norman's Buyers and Sellers of information. Is information what is being shared? Is the Buyer the Sphere that benefits most urgently from improving a link? Is the Seller the one that is on the other end of the link needing improvement and capable of helping? Is the "Advisor" a representative of a Sphere this is well connected to both the Buyer and Seller spheres. If so I have been calling that Advisor a facilitator.

digraph { ranksep=.2; size = "7.5,7.5"; rankdir=BT node [shape=circle, fontsize=26] edge [penwidth=3 fontsize=24 labelfloat=true decorate=true constraint=true minlin=.1] ratio=1.5 //edge [style=invis] node [width=2 style=filled shape=circle fontcolor=black color=black penwidth=3 fillcolor=white fixedsize=true] A [label="Sphere\nof\nOrigin"][fillcolor=green1] B [label="Destination\nSphere"] C [label="Sphere\nof\nImpact"][fillcolor=red] A->B->C->A }