Kerry's Intro to Sofi by Doing

Kerry, thank you for helping me learn how to present this to neighborhoods. By using this for your NES (New Education System) work you will benefit too. All notes and suggestions are needed and deeply appreciated. Please copy this page and then everything in this list to your Kerry's NES site

Please copy this page Kerry-Marc Sofi Collaboration into your site. Then I can see which pages you have copied and modified.

*Please give me (Marc Pierson) as much feedback as you can on any aspect of this undertaking. Your feedback is my only hope.* *When you copy pages to your FedWiki sites and I can track the changes you make. Create a shared comment page like we have in our other sites. Put your comments there. Of course you can send email to I thank you for your help.*

Make every one of these pages your own and change them any way that makes sense to you and your team.


Kerry, when you work your way through this, making edits as you go, then we will be in a position to create a true on-line Sofi survey and administer it to your team. So all of this pre-work is to get you into a position to use Sofi Enterprise Visualization resources and help me integrate their tools within the FedWiki.

My recommendation, reading though this list--use the check boxes as you complete each step:

* [x] Sofi, review The Process in Big Steps, without doing the work. Then proceed down this list:

* [x] create your own Worlds and then

* [x] use Link Questions Index and or Sofi Spheres of Influence (abbreviated) to make assessments of each sphere assessing each link going outward from each Sphere, making assessments each link and giving your evidence and your suggestions. >Rewrite this


* [ ] Sofi Spheres of Influence >Eliminate